Next Generation Scientist Program by Novartis and University of Basel

21 Sep 2017 - 11:00

Prof Kelly Chibale attended and gave a presentation at the Open Day of the Next Generation Scientist Program hosted by Novartis and the University of Basel on 30 August 2017.  See this Novartis video of Kelly Chibale talking about "Fighting Malaria in the Lab"

Peter Mubanga Cheuka, a PhD student in Prof. Chibale's research group, participated in the NGS Program, a 3 month intensive internship program hosted in Basel, Switzerland. The internship aimed to build scientific and leadership capability in emerging countries by enhancing the skills of local scientists and by facilitating the knowledge transfer to their wider scientific communities upon their return home.

Postscript:  Dickson Mambwe, a Zambian student doing a PhD in the Chibale group is attending the 2018 NGS programme in Basel, running from June to August.